Ferrari Dino 206 by Joel Thura.



1/24 scale Ferrari Dino 246, this is a 1960s bodyshell made by Hasegawa, it is very nice, but I don't know much about it, I know Hasegawa did not make complete slot cars, and this could be a copy of the Cox body of the same period.

The glass and roof came in one piece and had to be carefully masked before painting, to get the precision needed, I masked it with bare metal foil, it works really well. All the slot in the rear were cut through, very fine mesh was used in the large rear panel openings, the window frames are bare metal foil, the exhaust is thin copper tube.


The car has been fitted with a Cox "Cuccaracha" chassis, although the wheelbase is a little too short, it looks OK, the wheels are aluminium and fitted with the inserts supplied with the body, painted yellow, they look just right.

Because the Cox chassis has different mounting points, I had to make brass wire sub-frames to hold the 2 together, in order not to damage either the chassis or the body.

Hopefully one day I will find the correct chassis for the car.